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Hello this is My second site on
Hello this is My second site on
and today I've decided to put My English
poetry on here too, so they can shine
in beautiful fonts, on this site.
I welcome you, and hope you'll enjoy
the poetry I write, and do hope you'll
leave a note behind. Nothing maybe copied without my consent,
so please send me an email if you would like to do that.
With very kind regards,
Lady Love

gloomy is the day
which lies ahead
the night keeps it
a secret
as we have to wait
till dawn sets in
tears getting visible
which the stars
left behind for us
to find their beauty
which is only there
for those who know 
Lady Love
6-3 2009 


Bert op 25-02-2012 13:02
heel mooi!
Lady Love op 25-02-2012 13:10
Ik dank je wel Bert :) Lieve groet L@dyLღ√Ƹ
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